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MARCH 2, 2023


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Join women, donors, activists, and others working passionately to create change on March 2nd from 4-7 pm at the Seawell Ballroom. Be part of the conversations about sustainability, social justice, gender equity and more. The event is free.

“Around the world there is steady pulse of women working passionately to create change,” says Cynda Collins Arsenault, Founder of Women Powering Change. “Women Powering Change 2023will be designed to connect people who can share ideas across sectors, glean inspiration from one another’s stories, and connect resources.”

This is the place for individual donors, activists, and those new to philanthropy to meet others working passionately to create change – from sustainability to social justice to gender equality. Join us!

Seawell Ballroom

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

1350 Arapahoe Street

Denver, CO 80202


Join us in 2023!

This inspiring event brings together more community members, leaders, activists, volunteers and philanthropists with more than 100 Colorado-based organizations to showcase what women are doing to catalyze social change locally and globally to create a better world. Those events are an expo-style event where you can come meet community leaders and learn what is being done in Colorado, and explore how you can also be a part of it all.

Join us in 2022! Be inspired, meet new friends and explore how you can be part of strengthening communities.

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